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Pool Equipment Replacement in Houston, TX

Maintaining proper water chemistry and equipment efficiency are the most important ways to keep your pool in pristine condition. We offer a wide range of services, including pool filter replacement, pool repairs, and pool pump replacement. Our services ensure that your pool is thoroughly cleaned and any equipment problems are addressed. All of our service packages save you time and extra chemical costs when your pool has gotten out of control.

Our maintenance technicians are experienced and efficient at maintaining the cleanliness of your pool. We are dedicated to doing the dirty work for you, so that your backyard is always ready for entertainment and relaxation. Before performing any work, we’ll always inspect your pool thoroughly, to determine if a pool equipment replacement is necessary. We stand by our philosophy that your pool should be 95% fun and only 5% maintenance.

Comprehensive Pool Equipment Repairs

Efficiently running equipment is the other half of maintaining a beautiful pool. Our pool specialists repair all makes and models of filter and pumps. If not addressed, small leaks will soon turn into expensive repairs. Our service department will advise you on the best options to either repair or replace broken down equipment. We offer a wide range of services, including the following:

• Premium Service Progarm
• Repair equipment leaks
• Replace motors, pumps, filters, heaters
• Install Computer Controllers
• Repair and replace lights
• Clean filters
• Blow out clogged up lines
• Identify and kill all types of algae
• Drain and Clean pools
Pool Inspections
• Remodel existing pools

Stone Decorative Wall in Houston, TX

Our company has a complete service department and serves as a warranty station for all Hayward and Goldline equipment, A&A in-floor cleaning systems and Polaris cleaners. Call us today and ask about our maintenance services that keep pools luxurious and looking like new.

How to Know When You Need a Pool Filter Replacement

There are several signs that indicate your pool filter is in need of a replacement. One common sign indicating that your filter is going bad is that it requires too much cleaning. Over time, your filter’s media, whether it’s sand, DE powder, or a cartridge, will begin to break down, leading to clogs. If you’re backwashing your filter on a weekly basis, that’s a good sign that the filter needs to be replaced

Another sign indicating that your filter is on its way out is that it’s failing to keep your pool water clear. Cloudy water may indicate that your filter is to blame. Our experienced specialists will evaluate your filter to determine if it’s responsible for this problem. In the event that your filter is the source of your issue, we’ll replace it for you in an effective and efficient manner, so you can get back to enjoying a sparkling, clear pool.

One final sign indicating that your filter is in bad shape is filter media washing back into your pool. DE powder or sand coming back into your pool could indicate that your filter has reached the end of its lifespan. If you notice a deposit of sand beneath your pool return, or a white stream of DE powder entering your pool, give us a call. We’ll inspect your pool and identify any issues. If your filter does need to be replaced, we’ll take care of everything for you, so you don’t have to worry.

Your Go-To Choice for Pool Pump Replacement Services

The pump is an integral part of any pool setup. If your pump is working improperly, it can seriously inhibit your enjoyment of your pool. One sign that your pump may be malfunctioning is a failure to pull water. There many reasons a pump may stop pulling water. Our professionals will figure out what’s going on with your pump, evaluating all potential problems. If need be, we’ll replace your pump entirely.

Another potential pump problem is a motor breakdown. If your pump’s motor isn’t working, or it only works part of the time, that’s a sure sign your pump needs to be serviced or replaced. Your pump may also be making a loud, obnoxious noise. This could mean that your pump is damaged. Get in touch with our pool specialists today to request a pool pump inspection. We’ll put our experience to work for you, quickly identifying any problems with your pool’s pump and replacing it if necessary. Rely on us for friendly and effective pump replacement services.

Contact us for pool equipment services. We serve our customers in Houston, Texas, including the Cypress, Jersey Village, Tomball, Spring, and Magnolia areas.